February 3, 2023
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Vietnam visa on arrival for Chinese citizens holding passports starting with the letter E

Visa-on-arrival has officially reopened to Chinese citizens holding e-passports. Chinese citizens holding a passport starting with the letter E do not need to go to the Vietnamese embassy/consulate to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Now it is entirely possible to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival online through our website. The operation is very simple and the visa application fee is relatively reasonable.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) is a visa that allows tourists to apply for a Vietnam visa upon arrival at any international airport in Vietnam, and tourists absolutely do not need to apply for a visa at a Vietnamese consulate/embassy in advance. Visa on arrival is very convenient for travelers who live far away from the Vietnam embassy/consulate. Tourists only need to apply for visa on arrival online through a travel agency and get an approval letter, and then go to Vietnam airport to get stamped to enter Vietnam.

Visa on arrival allows tourists to stay in Vietnam for 1 month from the date of entry into Vietnam. Currently, this type of visa on arrival only allows tourists to enter Vietnam once a month. According to the latest news, citizens of almost all nationalities can use this type of visa on arrival to travel or work in Vietnam, including Chinese citizens holding passports starting with the letter E.

If you want to apply for a visa on arrival online, you can only apply online through a certain travel agency, and the website of the Vietnam Immigration Department does not support this type of visa (VOA).

What documents are required to apply for a visa on arrival?

To get an approval letter, you will need to prepare some of the following documents:

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Air ticket ( round-trip air ticket required)
  • Hotel reservation ticket (or just provide the hotel address)

Once you have all the above documents ready, you are eligible to apply online, then you will receive an approval letter by email that will help you get a Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airports.

In addition, when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, you need to declare some information on the NA1 form, so in order to save time, I suggest you download the NA1 form in advance and fill in all the required information.

Download the NA1 form here.

Instructions for completing the NA1 form.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival?

Step 1: Complete the online visa application.

You click on the following link: https://www.visa-vietnam.hk/apply/ and follow the instructions, such as filling in your nationality, date of entry, uploading passport photo, uploading ticket photo, etc.

Step 2: Pay the fee.

After filling all the information and providing the required documents, you will proceed to the payment step where you can pay the fee with a credit card or via PayPal.

Step 3: Receive approval letter via your email.

After completing the online visa application through our website: https://www.visa-vietnam.hk/apply/ we will process your application. Once your application has been processed, we will send an approval letter via the email you provided to us. What you need to do is download the approval letter to your computer and print it out,  the approval letter when you arrive at Vietnam airport to apply for Vietnam visa.

Note: When you arrive at the airport, please show your passport, approval letter to the Vietnam immigration staff, and then they will stamp your passport.

Approval Letter - Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Approval Letter – Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Visa on Arrival (VOA) fee

Visa fees may vary depending on the time, the nationality of the tourist, and the type of visa. The following is the price of visa on arrival for Chinese citizens holding passports starting with E.

  • $90: 7 working days to get approval letter
  • $120: 3 working days to get approval letter
  • $140: 2 working days to get approval letter
  • $170: 1 business day to get approval letter

Advantages of visa on arrival

  • The approval letter application process is completely online, go directly to the Vietnam airport to apply for a Vietnam visa.
  • The processing time of the approval letter is relatively fast, and the approval letter can be obtained within 8 hours.
  • Simple required documents.

If you trust us, please contact us immediately for more specific instructions. We guarantee that you will receive your visa results on time and without any problems.

Register now: https://www.visa-vietnam.hk/apply/



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