How do Taiwanese citizens get a Vietnam visa?

Previously, Taiwanese citizens could get a Vietnam visa in the following ways:

Option 1: Go to a Vietnamese embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa. If you are currently living in Taiwan, you can contact the Vietnamese embassy in Taipei to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. If Taiwanese passport holders are currently living and working abroad, they can go directly to the Vietnamese embassy near your place of residence to apply for a visa.

The following is the information about the Vietnamese embassy in Taipei, you can refer to:

Address: 3rd Floor, No. 65, Songjiang Road, Taipei City, Taiwan

Tel: (8862) 2516 6626

Fax: (8862) 2504 1761


Tourists need to contact the Vietnamese embassy in Taiwan for information on applications, processing times, and visa application fees.

Option 2: Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. This method is more convenient for Taiwanese citizens. You just register online, fill in the required information, then you will get the approval letter and wait for a stamp to be stamped in your passport when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam.

In the past two years, visas on arrival have not been opened, and Taiwanese citizens cannot use approval letters to go to Vietnam airports. However, at present, we are happy to inform you that the visa on arrival has been reopened, and Taiwanese citizens can fully use this type of visa to enter Vietnam for tourism.

However, at present, there are many changes in document requirements and visa application procedures for visa on arrival. You have to provide a few other documents besides your passport and the service is also expensive now compared to before.

At present, only a 1-month single-entry visa is provided, and other types such as 1-month multiple-entry and 3-month multiple-entry are not available yet.

What documents are required for a visa on arrival?

To enter Vietnam, in addition to a visa, Taiwanese travelers need to ensure the following conditions:

  • Taiwan passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into Vietnam;
  • Taiwan passport with at least 2 blank pages;
  • A Passport photo (clear,  color, not black and white), 
  • A document from the airline company that confirms your booking;
  • A document from the hotel that confirms your booking.

See regulations on passport and portrait photos for details.

Also, you should prepare Form NA1 (Visa Application Form) in advance. If you enter Vietnam with a visa on arrival, you must fill in all the information on the NA1 form when you arrive at the airport, so in order to save time, you should print out the NA1 form and fill in the information before arriving at the Vietnam airport.

You can download the NA1 form here.

Also, you should have some small change (USD or VND)to pay for the stamping fee at the airport. It costs USD 25 to get stamped at airports in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa fee for Taiwanese citizens

Under the current circumstances, the procedures for applying for a visa on arrival to enter Vietnam are more difficult than before, so the cost of the visa on arrival is also much higher than before. 

1-month single-entry visa fee on arrival: USD 90 per person (not including the airport stamp fee of USD 25). All you need to do is submit your application to us and pay the approval letter fee. You can pick up your approval letter within 7 working days. We guarantee that you will get the document on time.

In addition, if you want to obtain a visa on arrival in advance, you can use our expedited visa service. You can get the approval letter only within 3 working days or 8 hours, you can refer to the following prices:

Processing time3 working days2 working days8 hours

How do Taiwanese citizens obtain a visa on arrival?

First, please visit the website linked below: and fill in the information according to the instructions. These steps are also very simple, don’t worry too much. If you face any issues during the registration process, please contact us directly through the chat application of this website so that we can consult the best way for you.

Next, you send us the required documents via your email. We will process your application within 6 working days and send you an approval letter via the email you provided. When you receive this document, print it out and use this document to get stamps at Vietnam airports.

Finally, when you arrive at the Vietnam airport, please line up at the “Visa Arrival Counter” counter and wait for the airport staff to stamp your passport. The stamp fee is $25.

Pick up service for tourists at the airport

For tourists to enter Vietnam more quickly and conveniently, we have provided a service called “VIP Arrival Support” airport pick-up service. This service provides an assistant to pick you up at the “Visa on Arrival/Visa on Arrival” counter and provide you with a welcome board with your full name on it. You will be escorted through the passport control gate quickly and assisted in claiming your luggage.

We hope to bring you convenience and solve your problem as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. I hope you can travel and work in Vietnam smoothly. i wish you success!